VR Apps on Daydream Android + Samsung Developer Conference Tickets Giveaway

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - 18:30
Bay Area Android Developer Group
San Francisco

This Wednesday night, Sept 20th, we'll have two talks related to developing VR apps for the Daydream platform on Android:

1. Using the Unreal 4.0 game engine with the NDK/C++

by Tony Constantinides

 2. Developing using Java on the open source Samsung GearVRf framework 

by Bo Huang, Samsung 

+ giveaway of 5 free tickets to the San Francisco Oct 18-19, 2017 Samsung Developer Conference.  SDC2017 will be packed with technical talks, hands-on labs, thought leader panels, and more.

Giveaway will either be in the form of a GearVRf related quiz or a simple raffle, we haven't decided yet. Must be present to win.  

If you don't win, use this link for a time-limited 50% discount for our members to SDC2017.

If we do the quiz, it will be with Kahoot, so you'll need to be present and have a phone or a computer with a web browser (and a working web connection, using either a mobile data connection or wifi).  One quiz entry per person please, using your first name and the first initial of your last name. If you don't use your real name during the quiz, it will be assumed that you do not want to be in the running for a free SDC ticket and that you're just doing the quiz for fun. 

If we do the quiz, a PIN to the quiz will be given out during the event itself. If you want to increase your chances of winning a free ticket, you should try setting up a working VR project using GearVRf on your computer by yourself before the talk and/or take copious notes during the presentation itself. 

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6:30 Check-in, food, & Networking

6:55 Welcome message

7:00-7:40 Topic #1

~ 8:00-8:20 Topic #2 

8:40 Q&As, Announcements

8:55 End

Developing VR apps/3D content with the NDK/C++

Want to lean AR/VR content creation? Want to create 3D games for Android? Do you want to generate 3D content for Android? Want to enhance your NDK skillet and take your C++ code on Android to the next Level? You need to lean how to leverage the Unreal 4.0 C++ game engine which allows you to do all this and more. I cover version 4.17 which has major bug fixes and enhancements for Android development as well as support for Daydream platform. I cover the key classes and how to do basic stuff like animation and Actor movement and how to manipulate textures in your app.

Tony Constantinides is a Android Java/C++ engineer. 

Developing VR apps with Java

You don’t need to know Unity or Unreal to make VR applications. Samsung’s open source GearVRf Java framework empowers Java developers to get into the game. In this introductory talk, Bo will show you the many features it packs and how to get started.


Bo Huang works on Samsung’s games and VR team and has a background programming games for Mforma, Namco, Zynga, and engineering scientist on advanced rendering for X-rite. He is happy to help you on your VR journey


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Thanks to Google and Launchpad for the food and drinks.