TypeScript & D3 Server-Side Rendering

Thursday, May 25, 2017 - 18:00
San Francisco


"Not your ordinary kind of types - deep dive into Typescript's type system"

TypeScript's type system can be best described as pragmatic yet fancy. Rado will walk you through some of the fancier types and their practical uses. These include union and intersection types, literal types and more.

Radoslav Kirov (Angular core team)

Rado has been on the Angular Core team since Summer 2014. Before Angular, he worked in Google on the Adsense serving stack – tackling problems of scaling billions of ads served daily. He is passionate about open source, and made contributions to Angular as a Google-20% project before making the full-time jump.

Iain McGinniss

Works on the Google Identity Platform. Recovering Type Theorist.

"Server Rendered D3"

Weather Underground embraced Angular Universal early and have seen significant perceived performance benefits with the server rendered first paint of components. We will share findings from our exploration of rendering D3 components server-side to generate performant weather data visualizations over slow connections.

Shawn Stedman (Sr. Software Engineer, Weather Underground)

Senior Software Engineer and Technical Lead of Weather Underground's migration to Angular Universal. Shawn has worked with Javascript since Netscape Navigator 2.0 and enjoys building with Node.js, creating rich UIs and exploring shiny technologies like THREE.js, WebVR and D3.

Hosted by

Weather Underground (www.wunderground.com)

Weather Underground provides the largest crowd sourced weather data set available online with over 250,000 personal weather stations contributing to our network. We are a part of The Weather Company within IBM Watson.

Weather Underground

425 Market Street, 20th floor, Room 20113