Storytelling as a Motivational Tool to Influence Change

Thursday, March 15, 2018 - 18:00
Product Tank SF
San Francisco

Hey product people,

Join us in March for a conversation with Andy Raskin; Strategic Narrative Architect, and Anna Marie Clifton; Product Manager at Yammer on how to use storytelling as a motivational tool to influence change within product teams.

They will share their lessons learned on how companies and teams can use storytelling to create better alignment, connect with customers and tell the narrative of their products in a way that brings change in customers' lives and within organizations.



The Story Every Great Product Must Tell | by Andy Raskin

You can't expect to win your market just by building great features. Instead, you have to first craft—and tell— a grand narrative about change in customers' lives. The product's (and the team's) highest purpose must be making that narrative come true.

Now that competitors can copy your better, faster, cheaper features virtually instantly, the traditional approach to differentiation—“We’re better because our product does x, y, and z””—is a fool’s errand. Even if those claims are true, they won’t be for long. That's why today’s most successful innovators follow a completely different playbook for creating and dominating markets. To them, competition is first and foremost a battle for control of the narrative through which customers view their world. In this talk, Andy explains how to structure such a narrative, and how it functions as the North Star that guides everything your team does.

Effective Storytelling to Motivate and Align Your Team | by Anna Marie Clifton

As PMs, we tend to focus on the analytical side of decision making, but as you'll see, we can't always rely on that to bring our team, customers, and executives along. In this talk, you'll learn how to use the ancient tool of storytelling as a secret weapon to align your team, connect with customers, and manage executive stakeholders.



Andy Raskin | Strategic Narrative Architect
Andy Raskin aligns CEOs and their leadership teams around a new strategic story — to power success in sales, marketing, fundraising, product, and recruiting. Clients include teams backed by Andreessen Horowitz, KPCB, GV, and other top venture firms. Andy has also led strategic narrative training at Square, Uber, Yelp, VMware and General Assembly. Previously, Andy held senior marketing roles at Skype, Mashery (acquired by Intel) and 500friends (acquired by Merkle). Andy's own stories have appeared on NPR’s This American Life and All Things Considered, and in The New York Times, Wired, and Gourmet. He holds an MBA from the Wharton School and a BS in computer science from Yale.

Anna Marie Clifton | Product Manager at Yammer
Anna Marie Clifton is a product manager at Yammer where she leads product initiatives on a variety of team collaboration projects across web, iOS and Android. She began her career as a gallery manager in New York before moving into tech, initially working for a series of small startups before apprenticing at Asana in product management and then joining the Yammer team in San Francisco. She currently leads the Geo Sovereignty and Growth Initiatives at Yammer, writes frequently on Medium, and co-hosts the Clearly Product podcast.


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