Spring Boot 2, Spring Framework 5 and Reactor

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - 18:00
SF Java Meetup
San Francisco

Madhura Bhave, Spring Boot committer, Pivotal
Stephane Maldini, Project Reactor Lead, Pivotal

Spring Boot 2.0 has recently been released and it comes with the latest and greatest Spring Framework. It has introduced a comprehensive support for reactive programming as an alternative to the traditional blocking model based on the Servlet API. Consequently, a large part of Spring Boot 2 involved integrating a lot of the reactive support from Spring Framework 5 including WebFlux and Project Reactor. It doesn't stop there as Boot is not short of awesomeness, it ships with Micrometer for its smart Observability story. You want to catch-up ? Bring yourself to this gentle introduction and learn more about our current plans, the reactive features and the new observability model.

Pivotal Labs

875 Howard St.