Society3 Entrepreneurs Night - Pitches, Traction & Funding

Thursday, July 27, 2017 - 18:00
Goto Startups - San Francisco
San Francisco

Entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and those who are interested in starting an innovative business get together for qualified pitches. A jury of serial entrepreneurs and investors will choose the best company of the night. Join and network with a global entrepreneurs and investors community, about 5,000 strong.


If you are interested in pitching at this event, please review our requirements and guidelines and 
                                   Apply To Pitch

Use this Formula for your Deck to pitch at the Society 3 event for August. 
Send a 6 slide deck

1) Intro 

2) Business Problem

3) Business Solution

4) Team

5) GoToMarket Strategy

6) Repeat Slide Number 1 with Contact Info, "Thank You" on it. 

And that's the format to be used for this event. 
Then send the deck to me George Parrish [masked] 
IMPORTANT: Your deck needs to be in our hands 72 hours before the event. 
No Deck beforehand, No Pitch - sorry. 
We will review all the Decks sent our way and let you know if you and your team make the cut to Pitch.


6:00 Welcome and networking 

6:30 Startups will present their company 

8:00 Vote for best startup/announcing winner

8:10 - 9:00 Networking with the StartUps, Judges, Entrepreneurs

9:00 Time to go Home!



George Parrish - Business Angel 
Eric H. Milliken - Business Angel 
Eric Trabold - Business Angel 


Society3, is helping entrepreneurs from around the world turn great innovation into great economic success. The organization provides various entrepreneurs programs, events, mentoring, and helps fund innovative businesses. We help more entrepreneurs become successful and elevate prosperity of our society. We provide more opportunities for investors to participate in early stage innovators and make everybody part of a prosperous economy.

Society3 is one of the fastest growing global entrepreneurs communities and was named top 100 most influential global accelerators in 2015.


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