Simplifying Feature Engineering & model tuning, ensembling & deployment w H2O

Monday, June 18, 2018 - 18:00
Silicon Valley Big Data Science
San Francisco

Description: is democratizing AI by automating machine learning. It fully automates some of the most challenging and productive tasks in applied data science such as feature engineering, model tuning, model ensembling and model deployment. Driverless AI turns Kaggle-winning grandmaster recipes into production-ready code, and is specifically designed to avoid common mistakes such as under- or overfitting, data leakage or improper model validation, some of the hardest challenges in data science. Avoiding these pitfalls alone can save weeks or more for each model, and is necessary to achieve high modeling accuracy.

Now, data scientists of all proficiency levels can train and deploy modeling pipelines with just a few clicks from the GUI. Advanced users can use the client API from Python. Driverless AI builds hundreds or thousands of models under the hood to select the best feature engineering recipes for your specific problem.

To speed up training, H2O Driverless AI uses highly optimized C++/CUDA algorithms to take full advantage of the latest compute hardware. For example, we can now run orders of magnitudes faster on the latest Nvidia GPU supercomputers on Intel and IBM platforms, both in the cloud or on premise.

There are two more product innovations: statistically rigorous automatic data visualization and interactive model interpretation with reason codes and explanations in plain English. Both help data scientists and analysts to quickly validate the data and the models.

Speaker's Bio:
Arno Candel is the Chief Technology Officer at He is the main committer of H2O-3 and Driverless AI and has been designing and implementing high-performance machine-learning algorithms since 2012. Previously, he spent a decade in supercomputing at ETH and SLAC and collaborated with CERN on next-generation particle accelerators.

Arno holds a PhD and Masters summa cum laude in Physics from ETH Zurich, Switzerland. He was named “2014 Big Data All-Star” by Fortune Magazine and featured by ETH GLOBE in 2015. Follow him on Twitter: @ArnoCandel.

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