Quantum computing, Keras with Pandas, and more!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - 18:00
San Francisco Python Meetup Group
San Francisco

On June 13, join ~180 devs at SF Python's presentation night and learn more about how you can use Python to program a quantum computer, make Keras and Pandas play nice, and much more!

Please register via (https://ti.to/sf-python/quantum-computing-keras-pandas-and-more), not Meetup RSVP. Those without a registration from by Wed 9a will need to wait till 6:45p to enter and risk not having any pizza left.

If you'd like to present a 5 mins Lightning talk or a 10-15 mins Short Talk at this or future meetup, please submit your talk ideas [here] (https://goo.gl/forms/THhCxuqAeqA73QF22).

Our generous sponsor Yelp will also provide pizza and beer for this evening.


Lightning talks

- Ethics for the professional engineer, Karim Hamidou

Short talk(~10 mins + Q&A): Keras-Pandas, Brendan Herger

Deep learning is great for computer vision and NLP. However, it's hard to get started using tabular data. We'll discuss keras-pandas, a new framework for rapidly building deep learning pipelines for numerical, categorical, and other data types.

Main talk (~30 mins + Q&A): Controlling a Quantum Computer with Python, Steven Heidel

Building quantum computers presents a number of obvious challenges across theoretical physics, hardware design, and electrical engineering. Less often considered is the enormous amount of new and innovative software that is needed. Compilers that understand quantum programming languages, data analysis tools for making sense of measurements, and high performance device drivers for executing quantum machine instructions are all examples of the new software that is needed to control a quantum computer. In this talk I’ll go over the progress that’s been made so far, where we still need to go, and the large role that Python plays in building that software.

About Steven: Steven is a senior software engineer at Rigetti Quantum Computing. He works on building control software for quantum computers and is the maintainer of the open source quantum programming toolkit PyQuil. Prior to Rigetti he was a tech lead at LinkedIn for 3 years where he maintained an open source Scala library for microservice query optimization.


6:00p - Check-in and mingle, with food provided by our generous sponsor Zenefits!

7:05p - Welcome

7:30p - Door close

7:10p - Announcements, lightning talks and main talk

8:15p - More mingling

9:30p - Hard stop

**SF Python is run by volunteers aiming to foster the Python community in the Bay Area. Please consider making a donation to SF Python and saying a big thank you to Yelp for providing pizza, beer, and the venue for this Wednesday's meetup.

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