Project Night at Yelp

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 - 18:00
San Francisco Python Meetup Group
San Francisco

SF Python is bringing its Project Night to Yelp. It's going to be an evening of getting your questions answered, sharing your knowledge, hacking, taking tutorials.

We are grateful our venue host Yelp will be providing food and drinks for this event.

Please register via to expedite your entry.  Those without a registration will be asked to register onsite and be admitted after 6:45pm if we have not met our venue's capacity limit.

Who should attend?

• New to Python and want to work with other Pythonistas

• Experienced devs who want to hack on your work, personal or open-source projects

• Experienced devs who want to mentor others

• Anyone that's interested in our tutorial offerings

The plan:

6:00p Begin check-in

6:50p Introductions: tell us about your project and/or the kind of help you seek

7:00p Make yourself comfortable and start hacking, or attend one of the tutorials

7:30p Door Close

9:30p Wrap up / Hard Stop


Learn how to use Static Typing in Python 3.6 by Ethan Smith and Daniel Pyrathon

Learn how to use Python's added support for static typing in Python 3.6! Static typing allows developers to better document their code and automatically catch many common errors while coding. Together, we will learn how to define Type Hints and integrate a static type checker like MyPy to Continuous Integration!

Building a Sentiment Analysis Classifier by Ramesh Sampath

In this hands-on tutorial, we will build simple models using Scikit-Learn.  If time permits, we will also look at how one could use Deep Learning for this problem.  

Your First Pull Request by Fatema Box

The goal of this workshop is to introduce participants with little or no experience with git and github to open-source projects. Participants will learn how to submit a pull request to an open source python project, and all the steps required to get there. You should attend this workshop if you want to contribute to python projects, but are unfamiliar with git and open-source workflows. You'll need a laptop, with any operating system, preferably with Python already installed.

Learn About IATI Data Fields and Create a Test Aid Activity File by Brent Phillips (Lightning talk topic on 10/11's meetup)

IATI is a framework humanitarian organization use to share aid activity information. We'll learn more about IATI’s information fields and what data is available to Python developers while building an aid activity file to test.


• Doors open at 6:00pm. Please wait outside without blocking the building entrance. Security will check ID and stop admitting guests at 7:30p.

• Wait-listed folks or those without a tito registration will be admitted after 6:45pm if we have not met our venue's capacity limit.

• Please park your bikes on the street.

Hope to see you there!

**SF Python is run by volunteers aiming to foster the Python Community in the bay area. Please consider making a donation to SF Python and saying a big thank you to Yelp for providing food, drinks, and the venue for this Wed's meetup.


140 New Montgomery