Project Night at Instacart

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 - 18:00
San Francisco Python Meetup Group
San Francisco

Into Python and want to experience how cool the Python Community is?

Join ~150 Pythonistas at SF Python's Project Night on Wednesday 7/17!

Please make sure you register via tito by 5pm Tuesday 7/16, so building security has your name on their list:

If you'd like to teach a tutorial, please submit your proposal here:

The format is similar to an un-conference. We start with a free food and drink reception from our generous sponsor Instacart. After formal introductions, Pythonistas join up with like minds to:

- enjoy our featured tutorial
- learn, share, and contribute at planned and spontaneous Special Interest Groups (SIG)
- hack on your own projects

Who should attend?

- Anyone interested in our planned tutorial or SIGs
- Anyone who want to hack on your work, personal or open-source projects
- Experienced devs who want to lead a regular or spontaneous discussion group
- Anyone interested in mentoring others

The plan:

* 6:00p Begin check-in
* 6:50p Introductions: tell us about your project and/or the kind of help you seek
* 7:00p Make yourself comfortable and start hacking, or attend one of the tutorials or SIGs
* 7:30p Door Close
* 9:30p Wrap up / Hard Stop

Tutorial offered

Moshe Zadka - "Unit Testing"

Learn how to automatically test your code using unit tests. We will cover how to create mock objects, clean them up, and how to assert exactly what you want -- no more and no less.

Special interest groups

Pydata SIG

The PyData SIG brings together people interested in statistics, machine learning, and deep learning to share ideas and learn from each other. The focus will be Python's scientific stack - NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, scikit-learn, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, and related packages.

Biocommons SIG

The biocommons software packages help genetic testing companies map patient sequence variation to reference genomes. Join us to hack on the docs, improve our test coverage, or pick your own issue to solve. (All skill levels are welcome!)

- Software:
- Docs:
- Gitter Group:

DeepCellLineage (DCL) SIG w/Deena Blumenkrantz

Our goal is to find differences between cells that relate to cancer using bioinformatics (including ML & DL). For more details check out our README, Wiki, and Issues on Github.

- Github:
- Slack: (#deepcelllineage)

Beginner SIG

Just getting started learning Python or programming in general? Come to the beginner SIG and work to develop your Python skills. We start with a group intro, everyone finds a buddy, then we tackle some exercises from this repo:

## This event is produced by

SF Python, a volunteers-run organization aiming to foster the Python Community in the Bay Area. Please check out our flagship event, [PyBay2019](, 4th Annual Regional Python Conference in SF this August.

*Venue and reception is through the generosity of Instacart. At Instacart everyone brings a different flavor to the table to solve a souped-up version of the classic traveling salesman problem. Together, we’re building a four-sided marketplace that includes the apps most Instacart customers use every day, white-label storefronts and APIs for retailers, an ad engine for brands, and a world-class fulfillment app and last-mile logistics chain. Take a seat at our table—see our [current openings](*

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