Modern web tooling and the future of debugging

Friday, March 23, 2018 - 17:00
San Francisco

Join us for an exciting event about Modern web tooling and the future of debugging with Sarah Cooley, Sean Larkin, and Brendyn Alexander from Microsoft.

Talk 1: We put Linux in your Windows with Sarah Cooley

Linux dev tools are coming to a Windows dev box near you – Join Sarah Cooley from the Windows kernel team for a whirlwind tour of web dev tools on Windows. We’ll walk through the much-improved Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and share tips for making Linux + Windows experiences shine. This session will help make a Windows dev box feel like home.

About the speaker

Sarah Cooley ( is a virtualization nerd and Program Manager on the Windows Core OS team at Microsoft. Right now, she’s helping build developer tools on Windows 10. Ask her about Linux tools on Windows, hypervisors, operating systems, virtual machines, or containers. When Sarah isn’t playing with computers, she likes climbing mountains with her cat, traveling, teaching, and crafting.

Talk 2: Engineering Browsers for an Ecosystem of Tools with Brendyn Alexander

There’s more to web development than ever before. More tools, more device form factors, and continuous challenges like accessibility and performance. In this talk, Brendyn Alexander from the Edge DevTools team will walk through the future of devtooling, previewing new experiences in Visual Studio and the Edge DevTools app built on the new Edge DevTools Protocol. We’ll touch too on emerging cross-browser alignment around DevTools and where Microsoft plans to go with Edge.

About the speaker

Brendyn Alexander ( is a Senior Program Manager working on the Edge DevTools at Microsoft with a focus on the new Edge DevTools Protocol platform. He’s been a web developer inside and outside Microsoft for 15+ years with experience building large-scale productivity apps like Office Online, the WebMatrix IDE, the Azure Portal, and more. Now he’s focused on helping make the Edge developer tools and platform as powerful, open, and interoperable as possible, to foster a great Edge developer community.

Talk 3: #0CJS, Webpack, and the modern build pipeline with Sean Larkin

Webpack 4 is closely drawing near to its final release! But what does that mean to you? Join me as not only I help break down everything we’ve accomplished this year, but also look forward to what we have in store for you in the future. Join me as we’ll talk about what it means to represent the #0CJS (Zero Config JS) movement, what it means to put developers first, and how we aim to embody the term Legato: to perform in a smooth, flowing, manner without gaps. This update, more than any that have come before, is the most groundbreaking set of changes for the future of webpack and our ecosystem!

About the speaker

Sean Larkin ( is a Program Manager at Microsoft working on Edge DevTools, expert on Web Performance, and maintainer of webpack. Outside of work, he works with Fortune 500 companies helping them change their culture for Web Performance practices, Open Source, and embracing emerging technologies. In his free time he loves spending time with his family, hiking, woodworking, cooking, gardening, Orchid cultivating, playing video games, hacking on IoT, and Streaming his open source work!

* 5:00 PM Doors open, eat and drink (food and drinks catered by Google; limited veg/GF options available. Note: the event is on the 7th floor.
* 6:30-6:40 PM Announcements
* 6:40-7:10 PM Talk #1 with Sarah
* 7:10-7:40 PM Talk #2 with Brendyn
* 7:40-8:10 PM Break
* 8:10-8:15 PM Lightning Talks *
* 8:15-8:55 PM Talk #3 with Sean
* 8:55-9:15 PM Q&A with the speakers
* 9:15 PM Raffle**
* 9:30 PM End

* Contact the organizers a few days before the event if you want to present a lightning talk (2 minutes or less).
** Must be present to win.

Event details
Price: $10 online, $15 at the door. No refunds. No ticket transfers.
We charge this small fee to help reduce no-shows. Please contact the organizers (sfhtml5 at gmail dot com) if this is a financial hardship for you.