A Modern Testing Optimization Maturity Model w/David Rogers, Slalom Consulting

Friday, November 17, 2017 - 12:30
University of San Francisco Seminar Series in Analytics
San Francisco

Speaker: Dave Rogers, Slalom Consulting

While most organizations have adopted a testing mindset and are delivering a plethora of test results to the business, many execs report they are failing in terms of getting the most value from the program as they would like. We will review components of a modern testing optimization maturity model framework focusing on technology, people, analyses and structure along five maturity levels. Along the way, we'll discuss process tips and helpful hints. 

Dave Rogers started his career in academia managing psychology research laboratories, then spent the past 10+ years building out Analytics capabilities for technology organizations and start-ups here in the Bay Area. He focuses on testing and optimization program development and has built centers of excellences within firms to bring the value of experimentation to the forefront of conversations around growth. Most recently at Slalom, he brings this experience to create successful solutions for continued testing success.