March SF FinTech Demo Day

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 - 18:00
SF Fintech
San Francisco

Our demo days are true system demos that showcase the innovative technology and new products pushing the industry forward. Come check-out Veryfi, Starbutter, TheSystem, Diversyfund and WeTravel.


• Red-hot FinTech startups demo their latest and greatest

Stock Card
makes stock market investing accessible to everyday people. Everyone can find and invest in great public companies for the long-term without the need to learn complex models or do research on Google for hours! Try it out for yourself:

Stop living paycheck to paycheck by automating your finances. We take your paycheck and divide it into money for bills, spending, and savings. Then we take the savings and build you an emergency fund, pay off your debt, and invest for the future.

Is a bookkeeper in your pocket. Veryfi automates the boring parts of your accounting (data entry, ledger categorization, bank reconciliation & vehicle mileage logbook) with AI, OCR and machines, not humans. Learn more about Veryfi (a YC W17 company)

Chatbots that help people. Starbutter AI is a voice and chat app development company focusing on chatbots and AI agents. We create helpful bots mainly for Google Home and Amazon Alexa, along with Facebook Messenger and Slack.

Is an online real estate crowdfunding platform that offers investments in commercial and luxury residential real estate assets. Targeting investment returns from 12 to 18% with over $100 million in transactions funded to date.
Worry-free bill pay for a new generation of people and small businesses. Pay your bills instantly by taking a photo with your phone, or by forwarding bills from your email inbox - easy, quick and secure. Pay your bills off over time by building your RogerScore. • 5 Minute demos

• 5 Minute Q&A


6:00-6:30pm Registration & Networking

6:30-7:30pm Demos

7:30-8:00pm Networking


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