Intro to MongoDB Stitch and What's new in MongoDB 3.6

Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 17:30
San Francisco MongoDB User Group
San Francisco

Join us for 3 talks on security, advanced analytics and what’s new for developers in MongoDB 3.6, coming in just a couple of months!

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Here’s the planned schedule for our user group meeting:

5:30 pm - Food/refreshments + networking

5:50 pm - Introductions

6:00 pm - Sponsor presentation (by Avocado Systems)

6:30 pm - Introduction to MongoDB Stitch by Daniele Graziani

7:15 pm - What’s new in MongoDB 3.6 for developers? by Raphael Londner

Sponsor Presentation: Avocado Systems

Worldwide attacks on MongoDB including taking the database for hostage grew multi-fold in 2017. MongoDB provides great set of security features such as access control, authentication and encryption. These are good security features, however MongoDB users need security functions such as firewall, IDS, IPS etc. next to their applications to thwart any attempts to attack applications. 

Avocado Security Platform is a concept of embedding Application Security Service Functions into the application itself. It is intended to stay with the application in real time to monitor, intercept and mitigate attacks on MongoDB applications. It is not static analysis of application source code. Avocado Security platform provides “Deterministic Application Security Functions”. Thus, bringing the security stack literally into the application, enabling applications to secure themselves and carry the security stack with themselves when they migrate to a cloud environment. 

In this short session, we will provide a brief overview of Avocado Security Platform and a demo of how we can thwart a malware attack.

Get started with MongoDB Stitch - Daniele Graziani

Are you curious to know MongoDB Stitch is about and how it can help you be a more productive developer? Buckle your seatbelt as Daniele Graziani shares the lessons he learned from his own journey building a modern application with MongoDB’s latest Backend-as-a-Service offering, MongoDB Stitch. 

In this session, Daniele will walk us through the steps of building a web app with server-side functionality without writing a single line of server-side code!

About the presenter:

Daniele Graziani is one of the only 2 MongoDB Certified Developers & MongoDB Certified DBAs in California. He brings a wealth of knowledge about database and development skills he has built over the years at Marcopoloni, his consulting practice. Daniele is also the consumate Italian bon vivant: ask him about the best coffee, the best pasta place in the Bay Area or the trendiest Italian brand and you're bound to get the best connoisseur's answers!

What’s new in MongoDB 3.6 for developers - Raphael Londner

Yes, MongoDB 3.6 is right around the corner and we have some exciting content to share with you! If you’d like to learn about MongoDB’s new Notifications API (aka Change Streams), JSON Schema Validation, Causal Consistency support, Sessions, Retryable Writes and many more, this is a talk you don’t want to miss!

About the presenter:

Raphael is a Principal Developer Advocate at MongoDB. Before joining MongoDB in 2017, Raphael Londner worked at various companies such as Trilogy Software, Microsoft, and Okta and has a diverse background as a consultant, solutions architect and developer advocate, both in Europe and in the US. Raphael also founded an identity startup in the Microsoft ecosystem. Overall, the main theme of all these roles is a passion for software development, products, and integrations!

Thanks to WeWork for hosting us this month and to Avocado Systems for sponsoring our event!