Hire Your Startup's First Technical Team

Tuesday, July 16, 2019 - 19:00
Amazon Web Services San Francisco
San Francisco

Cheryl Porro, Chief Technology Officer at Thrive Global – a behavior change tech startup, will share best practices on building a successful technical team at a startup – including the skills your first engineers should have and the projects you should assign. She’ll cover how to identify skill gaps in your current team in order to zero in on the right talent to hire, the tactics she’s using to grow her team with lean resources, and tips on how to level up junior engineers when top talent is unattainable.

Learn how you can make great hiring decisions that minimize the amount of technical debt you carry over with each engineer and the importance of a great tech stack when trying to compete with companies who have deeper pockets.

Cheryl will also answer questions on the role of the CTO and what future CTOs need to consider when creating or joining a startup.

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AWS Loft

525 Market Street, 2nd Floor (courtyard entrance)