Hardware Studio | Kickstarter, Avnet, & Dragon Innovation

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 - 19:00
SF Hardware Startup Meetup
San Francisco

Hey Hardwarians!

Ready for another SF Hardware Startup Meetup!? This time around we're sponsored by the folks fueling Hardware Studio. Hardware Studio is a new initiative from Kickstarter, Avnet, and Dragon Innovation, providing resources and support for independent hardware creators. The goal of the initiative is to help teams be better prepared for manufacturing and mass production before launching a Kickstarter campaign. You can learn from past creators through interviews and blog posts, as well as apply for direct engineering support through Hardware Studio Connection hardware.studio/connection.

Jump up and demo if you've got a prototype to share with your fellow Hardwarians or if you just want to talk about what you're working on. Format: 2 minutes maximum (hard stop), no projector, no slides - just you, your prototype, and a microphone!

Sponsors & Venues

The venue for this meetup is still in the works. If you, or someone you know, want to sponsor our meetup or host us at their space - please send us an email!

Call for Volunteers

We need volunteers for our events who can help at the door, with clean-up, and more. Volunteering guarantees you admission to the meetup and we have a limited number of slots. Please let us know (by messaging Robert) if you'd like to help out!


724 Brannan St.