GoSF - Go Runtime Scheduler + Adv Testing + Twirp from Twitch (Hosted by Bolt)

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 - 18:00
San Francisco

6:00 Networking | Food | Drink
6:30 Speakers
• Talk 1 Go Runtime Scheduler – Jaana B. Dogan, Google
• Talk 2: Advanced Testing Techniques in Go – Alan Braithwaite, Segment
• Talk 3: Twirp: A Simple RPC Framework with Protobuf Service Definitions

About the Host

Bolt is a new take on online payments, with a key differentiator being how data is leveraged to enhance the payments experience. While currently in stealth, Bolt has attracted top talent (Facebook/Google/Twitter/Airbnb), and will share more about what they’re doing during the meet-up. Bolt is hiring too! Email the CEO directly: [masked].


• Talk 1: Go Observability at Google – Jaana B. Dogan, Google

Google is one of the most notable Go production users in the world. One key element of our production experience is observability, the holistic approach how we observe systems for reliability and performance. This talk will focus on Google’s approach on collecting different signals (metrics, traces, profiles and more) and our current work to open source our instrumentation stack so you can adopt the same technology with no effort.

About the Speaker: Jaana B. Dogan is a software engineer at Google. She is currently working on observability of the Go production services at Google. Previously, she worked on the Go programming language. She has a decade-long experience in building developer platforms and tools.

• Talk 2: Advanced Testing Techniques in Go
Having worked on many large, production codebases written in Go, Alan noticed many patterns which make testing easier. In this talk, Alan Braithwaite will present these patterns and show how they can save massive amounts of time, energ ay,nd cognitive effort for everyday Go programmers. In the course of his talk, he will explore well-known testing principles and see how they fit in with Go with plenty of examples to get you started writing better code. He will also talk in detail about how to test concurrent code as well as how to manage many backend implementations effectively. This talk will be particularly useful to people who work in large Go codebases with many dependencies.

About the Speaker: Alan Braithwaite is a hacker who cares deeply about building reliable, scalable systems. During his tenure at Cloudflare he helped bring the data pipeline to 8 million events per second using Go. Now at Segment, he’s helping scale the microservices-based platform using the power gained from the plush gopher which sits on his desk.

• Talk 3: Twirp: A Simple RPC Framework with Protobuf Service Definitions
Twitch is open-sourcing Twirp, a service-to-service RPC framework backed by code generation, in January 2018. Twirp was created as a response to frustrations working with gRPC and has exploded in use at Twitch, powering dozens backend services in production. It emphasizes simplicity in implementation and clarity in the developer workflow. We'll compare Twirp to gRPC, explore its design, and demo setup of a new service with Twirp.

About the Speaker: Spencer Nelson is a senior software engineer at Twitch. He works on libraries and tools for Go development within Twitch and wrote the first iteration of Twirp as a hack-week project in early 2016.