GoSF - Blockchain & Go, Docker & Go, Banking on Go

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - 18:00
San Francisco

*** Note the 6pm start ***


6:00 Networking | Food | Drink  

6:30 Speakers  

  •  Talk 1: Banking on Go – A Case Study in the Use of Go
  •  Talk 2: Blockchain, Cryptocurriencies, and Go
  •  Talk 3: Intro to Buildkit, a Build Toolkit for the Moby Project

8:00 End 

Talk 1: Banking on Go
Matt Heath will walk through how Monzo, a new UK based bank, have developed their Go-based banking platform along with some of the challenges they have faced while growing both their team and infrastructure.

About the Speaker

Matt Heath is a Platform Engineer at Monzo, a new UK based bank, where he focusses on building Monzo’s Go based micro-service platform and the underlying infrastructure which powers this. He also helps organise the Go London User Group, and can be found on twitter as @mattheath.

Talk 2: Blockchain, Cryptocurriencies, and Go

Vicki Niu will walk through understanding blockchains from the ground up, with a focus on how Chain builds its blockchain platform using Go. Along the way, she'll touch on cryptocurrencies, private vs public blockchains, and smart contracts.

About the Speaker

Vicki Niu is a software engineering intern at Chain building enterprise blockchain technology in Go. She studies computer science at Stanford, and really has no idea whether or not you should invest in Bitcoin.

Talk 3:  Buildkit – A New Build Toolkit Under the Moby Project

Tonis Tiigi from Docker will give a preview of a new builder toolkit project under the Moby umbrella that is planned to become new architecture supporting "docker build" feature. 

He will show how to use Go client package to get low-level access to new features and how the toolkit can be used for other workflows than just building Docker images.

About the Speaker

Tonis Tiigi is a software engineer at Docker and a maintainer of Moby Core.

About the Host

Docker is an open platform that helps you build, ship and run applications anytime and anywhere. Developers use Docker to modify code and to streamline application development while operations gain support to quickly and flexibly respond to their changing needs. Docker ensures agility, portability and control for all your distributed apps.

Docker is also the main sponsor of the Moby Project, an open framework to assemble specialized container systems without reinventing the wheel. 

More information available at http://mobyproject.org/