Google I/O Extended '17 - I/O Debriefing, DBFlow, & Apps for Emerging Countries

Friday, May 19, 2017 - 18:30
Bay Area Android Developer Group
San Francisco

This Friday night, May 19th, we'll cover three topics:
* Informal Google I/O Debriefing Discussion
* DBFlow: Faster and Smarter Databases
* Developing Apps for Emerging Countries

It's the last day of [Google I/O]( ) which ends at 4:30 PM in Mountain View, so the hope is that a number of Google I/O attendees will be able to make it back up in time for our night meetup at the Google Launchpad Space downtown San Francisco.


6:30 Check-in, food, & Networking

6:55 Welcome message

7:00-7:25 Topic #1: DBFlow: Faster and Smarter Databases

by Andrew Grosner from Fuzz Productions

7:30-7:55 Topic #2: Developing Apps for Emerging Countries

by Natalie Pistunovich from Connta

8:00-8:25 Topic #3: Informal Google I/O Debriefing

8:30-8:50 Lightning talk(s) and short 30-seconds announcements

8:55 End

DBFlow ( ): Faster and Smarter Databases

In this talk I will talk about what DBFlow ( ) is, how it came about, and how it compares to some of the other SQLite ORMs ( ) & Realm ( ) in terms of raw performance.

Mini Bio

Hi I’m Andrew Grosner, and I’ve been doing Android Development for over 6 years. I grew up in Buffalo, NY, went to Fordham University in NYC and now work at a mobile development agency, Fuzz ( ). Along with Android development, I have also done iOS, Web (React), Xamarin (Android & iOS), and React Native (soon). I love to play Squash and played varsity in college.

My Github: ( ) Twitter: @agrosner ( )

Developing Apps for Emerging Countries

The next billion people going online live in emerging countries. This is a mobile-first reality, where a feature-phone or a smartphone is the main point of communication, local use of mobile apps and web is different and the infrastructure places strict limits on internet data volume.

This subject is getting increased attention, and many projects are focusing on it, offering solutions ranging from guidelines to cater to a range of data plans and devices, to improving the infrastructure and bringing more affordable internet.

Getting a better picture of this will help you make your work more inclusive towards people in emerging countries, whether it is part of your job or your side project - there is still a lot to learn and even more to make.

In this talk Natalie will share her experience in the field, having researched it in Berlin, and now working on the ground in Nairobi, putting her learnings to practice. Some of the subjects we will cover include the local tech ecosystem, web apps vs. mobile apps vs. mobile sites vs. chatbots, common apps and devices, technical and product localization guidelines, technical limitations, how is this related to financial inclusion and why should the Silicon Savannah be on your mind.

Mini Bio of Natalie Pistunovich

Natalie is the co-founder of Connta, a platform for running an online store from a mobile phone that is focused on emerging countries, based in Nairobi. Prior to that she worked in the mobile industry in Berlin for 3.5 years, where her last position was a Backend Engineer at adjust - a mobile attribution and analytics company. She graduated with a B.Sc. in Computer and Software Engineering from the Technion, Israel, while working as a Silicon Integration Engineer at Intel. In her free time she is co-leading the Berlin chapters of Google Developer Groups Golang and Women Techmakers, volunteering with the Tunapanda coding school in Nairobi and sailing.

LinkedIn: NataliePistunovich ( ) Twitter: @NataliePis ( ), @Connta_app ( )

Google I/O Debriefing Discussion

This topic is open to everyone, especially those of you who went to Google I/O and/or followed some of the video streams from Google I/O.

We'll talk about what you personally got out of the conference, what were your favorite sessions or code labs, and what videos/resources are worth studying for those who couldn't attend the conference or watch all the streams.


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