Firebase at SFHTML5

Friday, June 22, 2018 - 17:00
San Francisco

Join us for an evening of Firebase talks at SFHTML5! Speakers Frank van Puffelen (@puf) and Abe Haskins (@abeisgreat) will share their Firebase expertise and best practices.

Talk #1—Querying Firebase and Firestore based on geographic location or distance with Frank van Puffelen (@puf)

Have you ever played Pokemon Go? Do you often check where your Muni bus is on the map? Lots of apps we build need to show items that are near to our users on a map. These items likely come from a database, which means that they query a database for items near a certain location. On modern databases like the Firebase Realtime Database and Cloud Firestore, querying nearby items is a surprisingly tricky and interesting challenge.

In this talk, Frank will dive into geolocation, geohashes and geoqueries. All by writing some JavaScript in JSBin, because… it works. Come geogeek out with him!

Frank is a Firebaser at Google

Talk #2—The Cedar Camp Philosophy (how to move quickly without breaking things) with Abe Haskins (@abeisgreat)

This talk is a lightning-fast introduction to six core concepts which will help you become more confident when building web applications without sacrificing agility. Some tricks are new, some are old, but they’re all ridiculously useful. Everyone can learn something from this high-level discussion of best-practices for your entire stack.

Abe Haskins is a Firebase engineer at Google. For the past five years Abe has been helping engineers build Firebase-powered things so they can take over the world.

Schedule (subject to some minor changes):
* 5:00-6:30—Socializing, food, drinks
* 6:30-6:40—Kickoff (me)
* 6:40-7:30—Talk 1
* 7:30-8:00—Break (drinks and dessert)
* 8:00-8:30—Talk #2
* 8:30-8:50—Q&A with both speakers
* 8:50-9:00-Raffle* & wrapup

* must be present to win

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