Designers + Geeks: The UX of Content Consumption

Thursday, August 24, 2017 - 15:30
Designers + Geeks
San Francisco

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The UX of Content Consumption

New formats, technologies, changing attitudes about the news, shorter attention spans, and an increasingly global experience are changing the way we enjoy content. Our free time is spent consuming content in various formats, and producers have to compete with more clutter than ever. What will the future of reading / viewing / learning / experiencing / sharing / enjoying look like?

In this Designers + Geeks, we'll bring together great designers and product thinkers to explore the changing UX of content consumption. Each will have 10-15 minutes to present their thoughts on the topic, and we'll reserve some time for discussion with the audience at the end.

CLIFF KUANG | Head of Product at Fast Company

Cliff Kuang is head of product at Fast Company, overseeing digital design and strategy, and also a veteran journalist. Before his current role, he served as deputy editor of and design editor at Fast Company, where his work was recognized with the National Magazine Award, the highest honor in magazine publishing. He’s currently writing a book about the untold history of user-experience design, to be published in 2018 by Farrar, Straus, and Giroux.

ETELE ILLES | Lead Product Designer at Gizmodo Media Group

Etele Illes is Lead Product Designer at Gizmodo Media Group, which operates Gizmodo, Fusion, LifeHacker, i09, and several other popular media properties.

JIM COOKE | Art Director at Gizmodo Media Group

Jim Cooke is Art Director at Gizmodo Media Group. Prior to joining Gizmodo, Jim was a freelance designer and worked for Scholastic.

PEDRO SEPULVEDA | Lead Product Designer at ustwo New York

Pedro Sepulveda is a product designer with 15 years experience in developing products across web & mobile - from concept to launch - and building effective multidisciplinary teams. Before moving to New York, he has worked in Los Angeles for continuum innovations and in London for livework studio - one of the first service design studios in the world - as a design director.


Please note: this event will be hosted at the fabulous ustwo studio. Please check the location before you make your way over!


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