Designers + Geeks: Provoke (SF Crime Data)

Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 18:30
Designers + Geeks
San Francisco
What is Provoke?


  • A new event series from Designers + Geeks, starting in SF.

  • We match design talent to city projects.

  • These teams work on the design of a city project for 2-3 months.

  • The design process & discoveries are presented at Provoke.

  • The first project is with designer Joey Golaw

More detail, the schedule, and FAQs below.

About Provoke

Provoke is a new event series focused on the design of city projects. At Provoke, we'll pair talented designers with city projects that need design love. Their work will span 2-3 months, concluding with a presentation of the process and discoveries at Provoke.

Our first city project is, a website used to provide information about neighborhood and campus safety. We paired designer Joey Golaw with the SFCrimeData team a few months ago, and they'll be presenting their work together at this session of Provoke. Note that the design work has not been implemented on the site - the team may opt to do so after it has been presented at Provoke.

City projects need our help and expertise. They are only as useful and effective as the effort people put into them. Join us at Provoke to learn about city projects, what they need, and how you can contribute.

Provoke is organized by the Designers + Geeks team, a group of folks who want to create the best in-real-life events possible.

Designers + Geeks is working with Code for San Francisco to identify city projects in need. Code for San Francisco is an organization of hard-working volunteers searching for technological solutions to social challenges.

The first session of Provoke will be hosted by DesignMap, an awesome design firm with a beautiful office in the Mission District.


6:30, Doors open, food & drinks served
7:30, Design work for SFCrimeData presented
8:15ish, Next project is introduced
8:25ish, Shoutouts
8:30, More networking


What is a city project?
A "city project" is a service, program, or other project that exists to benefit city residents. Examples include social services, public transportation, public works, neighborhood improvement initiatives, and free counseling services.

How do you find city projects that need design help?
We are always open to hearing about new projects - if you know of a city project that could use design help, let us know here. To get things started, we are collaborating with groups like Code For San Francisco to identify projects in need.

How do you find designers who want to help?
We draw on our personal networks and the Designers + Geeks community to find design help. We are looking for professional designers to do the design work. If you are a designer and interested in contributing, please let us know here.

Do you pay for the design work?
We generally offer to pay a reasonable market rate for the design work on the project. Some designers / design teams choose to donate the work to the city project.

Why are you charging for tickets to Provoke?
We use the proceeds from the tickets to pay for the design work on the project. If the design work is donated, we will find other ways to reinvest the proceeds in city projects.

Will you be hosting Provoke events in other cities?
We are piloting the concept in our original home, San Francisco. But we would love to expand if people enjoy the event.

I'm looking for help (engineering, design, or other types) - can I pitch my project at Provoke?
Absolutely! We will feature a "shoutouts" segment at the end of each event: you get 15 seconds with the microphone to pitch your project (we're serious about the 15 seconds, though!).


700 Alabama St, San Francisco 94110