Demo Day (FREE match-up event)

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - 18:00
Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs & Startups
San Francisco

This event is primarily intended to (a) help anyone demo their product to the audience and (b) help entrepreneurs, founders, investors, and professionals from various backgrounds to network with each other. It’s FREE and everyone is welcome to attend and to network.

Important!! See parking info below and follow - to avoid being ticketed!




1. Express your interest in LEARN-YOUR-BEST-MATCHES (<-Click) form. Also, be familiar with our AUDIENCE-COLOR-CODING (<-CLICK).

2. Look for a match-up email in inbox/spam folder about 6 hours before the event, and learn your 20 best matches out of hundreds of participants/attendees

3. Attend the event, make presentation or watch presentations, meet participants and your best matches in person.


PARTICIPANTS (in alphabetic order by last name) : 

Chris Barnes
Andrew Cole
Alex Frazatti



06:00 PM Networking

06:45 PM Pitches by Sponsors

07:00 PM Demos (+/Pitches) by Participants

08:00 PM Networking

08:30 PM Closing



32% Interested In Pitching/Demoing To Investors Privately
32% Watching Demos At The Event
28% Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs
28% Raising Funds (For Seed/Angel Round)
24% Seeking Partnership Opportunity
20% Offering Expertise (Sales/Marketing/Business Dev)
20% Looking For Funded Startups (Having 11-50 Employees)
16% Looking For Funded Startups (Having 1-10 Employees)
16% Offering Expertise (Mobile/Web App Development)
16% Seeking Job (With Salary/Equity/Internship)
16% Offering Expertise (Software Development)
12% Offering Expertise (Engineering/Technology)
12% Interested In Demoing At The Event
12% Seeking Advisor/Co-founder/Executive Roles
12% Representing Funded Startups (Having 1-10 Employees)
12% Offering Coaching (Pitch/Executive/Leadership/Skill/Life)
12% Seeking Expertise (Fund/Capital Raising)
 8% Seeking Expertise (Engineering/Technology)
 8% Offering Advisor/Co-founder/Executive Roles
 8% Representing Startups (Having A Solid Founding Team)
 8% Seeking Expertise (Internet Of Things)
 8% Seeking Expertise (Sales/Marketing/Business Dev)
 8% Looking For Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs
 8% Offering Expertise (Fund/Capital Raising)
 8% Offering Job (With Salary/Equity/Internship)
 8% Offering Expertise (Artificial Intelligence)
 8% Seeking Expertise (Artificial Intelligence)
 8% Seeking Expertise (Health Technology)
 8% Offering Expertise (Big Data/Data Science)
 4% Looking For Startups (Having MVPs With Traction)
 4% Offering Expertise (Cloud Technology)
 4% Looking For Startups (Having Solid Founding Teams)
 4% Seeking Expertise (HR/Accounting/Tax)
 4% Raising Funds (For Series A/B/C Or Beyond)
 4% Available To Volunteer (For A Social Cause)
 4% Seeking Expertise (Software Development)
 4% Representing Startups (Having An MVP With Traction)
 4% Offering Expertise (HR/Accounting/Tax)
 4% Looking For Volunteers (For A Social Cause)
 4% Looking For Funded Startups (Having 51+ Employees)
 4% Seeking Coaching (Pitch/Executive/Leadership/Skill/Life)
 4% Seeking Expertise (Cloud Technology)
 4% Offering Partnership Opportunity



We’d like to express our appreciation to our sponsors.

Action SPOT - startup Studio


We look for food/drinks sponsors for this event. Please refer ones that you know may be interested. Thanks! 


P1 - limited ActionSpot parking - first come first park
P2 - public parking for 3 hours (0.3 mi, 5 min walk)
P3 - CalTrain station parking (0.4 mi, 8 min walk)
P4 - Stephens meat parking (0.4 mi, 8 min walk)
*All other parking is street parking - keep an eye on signs
**ActionSpot is not responsible for your parking tickets


1. Park at Diridon CalTrain Station (P3), walk by underground passage and take Cahill Park exit - it makes just a 5-min walking distance.

2. Better one - use CalTrain :)