Conquer Large Data Sets - w/ Mapbox & CloudPassage + Holiday Celebration

Monday, December 11, 2017 - 18:30
Amazon Web Services San Francisco
San Francisco

Tackling data at large scale introduces unique challenges across different industries. At this event, hear from two hot startups, that are also very different businesses - Mapbox and CloudPassage - about how they ingest, process, and analyze large data sets on top of scalable and reliable architectures. 

Learn what obstacles you may hit at scale and how you can engineer around them through real world examples. Through two diverse startup stories, you’ll learn that although the businesses may be completely different, there are many common best practices shared in designing reliable, scalable, and secure data pipelines. If you’re starting to work with large data sets, or you’re interested in learning ways to improve what you currently have, come learn and share with others. 

Holiday cocktails and appetizers will be served at the networking reception to follow.

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