Connecting Your Devices through AWS IoT, presented by ThingWorx

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - 18:00
Amazon Web Services San Francisco
San Francisco

This Meetup event is part of IoT Week at the AWS Pop-Up Loft.

Speaker: Neal Hagermoser, Principle Partner Engineer, ThingWorx

Experience how augmented reality rendered with ThingWorx Studio and interconnected with devices through AWS IoT, can bring actionable data to the physical world. 

This session illustrates how ThingWorx, a development platform for the Internet of Things, can connect your devices managed through AWS IoT for remote control and creating rich augmented experiences on AWS. By using AWS IoT, Kinesis, CloudFormation, EC2, and ThingWorx, we create bi-directional communication between devices connected to AWS IoT through Thingworx, and overlay visual experiences to increase the business value and insight into IoT data, telemetry, coming from devices. 

Learn about business scenarios leveraging telemetry sent to AWS IoT and how visual representations of data support the IoT lifecycle such as, remote service, IoT operations, and customer dashboards through ThingWorx and AWS IoT. 

Light appetizers and refreshments provided following the talk.

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