Autodesk Pier 9 + Lemnos VC

Monday, August 19, 2019 - 18:00
SF Hardware Startup Meetup
San Francisco

Hey Hardwarians!

This time around we're sponsored by our friends at Autodesk and Lemnos VC. The event will be hosted in Technology Center located at Pier 9 on the Embarcadero!

The Autodesk Technology Center in San Francisco is a hub for the exploration into the future of manufacturing. Focused on the concept of configurable microfactories, this technology center hosts a residency program bringing together forward-thinking startups, academic researchers, and thought leaders from industry to create a shared vision for the future of making.

As a part of the global Autodesk Technology Center network, this space supports its residents with a range of advanced manufacturing equipment, robotics, and general shop facilities and workspaces to facilitate the research and development that are pushing the boundaries of traditional manufacturing.

Our joint sponsor for this event, Lemnos VC is an early stage venture capital firm with strategic focus in hardware companies. With portfolio companies working in aerospace, agriculture, consumer electronics, construction, food, transportation and everything in between, the Lemnos team will be able to bring unique perspectives on the commercialization potential of your projects.

Demos & Announcements

Jump up and demo if you've got a prototype to share with your fellow Hardwarians or if you just want to talk about what you're working on. Format: 2 minutes maximum (hard stop), no projector, no slides - just you, your prototype, and a microphone!

Thanks to Volunteers

Beau, David, Ryan, Peter and Dhivya are helping run this event and working hard to make it a smash hit. There will be light refreshments and snacks provided by our sponsors Autodesk and Lemnos. Let's show up with smiles and praise for this brave group of volunteers!

Autodesk’s Technology Center

Pier 9, 9 The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94111