5.24: Let's get Virtual! SFNT & Upload VR Showcase

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 - 19:00
SF New Tech
San Francisco

We're super stoked to present the latest in VR / AR and Mixed Reality on Wed, May 24th for a first look at the latest technologies shaping our future. We'd love to see you!

Learn how to think in #3D with Altar Virtual's collaborative VR tool for productivity. Kickbox your way into shape and to the beat of your own music with Soundboxing VR, see mixed reality story telling with Aconite, and kick the smoking habit for good with MindCotine (currently in Alpha). Also in the line-up, Happinss helps you manage your stress with VR meditation and Auteurist, by Axum Graphics is democratizing VR content creation for filmmakers!

You'll have an opportunity to get hands-on with the latest equipment. We'll have holodecks equipped with HTC and Oculus headsets so you can try out a virtual experience and see what's coming in this new frontier of entertainment, edu-tainment, therapy and more.

Demos: Altar Virtual, Axum Graphics, Soundboxing VR, Aconite, MindCotine, and Happinss --- and we'll open the floor for your new tech stories, too!

Complimentary cocktails, and amazing conversations await.  (Tacos are pending a sponsor -- would your company like to discuss?)

Don't wait, register now, before we sell out - space is limited!

Can't wait to see you!

7:00-8:00 PM - Registration and networking
8:00 -10:00 PM - Demos and Q&A
10:00 PM - Event Concludes

Upload VR Collective
1535 Mission St San Francisco, CA 94103

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Limited seating, we will sell out. Early Bird tickets now available 


Avery Bedows, CEO
Altar’s mission is to build Augmented Memory with AR/VR. Our first step towards that goal is a product called Altar Show: a VR collaboration tool for brainstorming, note-taking, and organization that leverages 3D space to help you express and represent ideas more naturally than any existing tool or platform. Show is like Evernote meets Skype meets Omnigraffle meets VR.


Micah Morgan, Chief Creative Officer

Auteurist, by Axum Graphics is a content creation tool which opens up computer animation and VR film making to a whole new class of users. Auteurist allows film makers to produce photo-realistic movies with a click of a button. We allow film-makers and storytellers, who may have never used a 3D content creation tool before, to realize their vision.


Eric Florenzano, Founder
Soundboxing is a VR music video kickboxing game where you create the beats! You can either punch to the music and compete to beat the best, or record your own challenge for others to beat—all set to your favorite music in a cool outdoor environment.

Nadya Lev, Founder
Aconite is a mixed reality storytelling platform. We define a mixed reality story as a physical/digital experience that sits at the intersection of adventure, narrative and game. We're building a platform for consuming, and a toolkit for creating, experiences of this type at scale.

Nicolas Rosencovich, CEO
MindCotine is the first-ever VR app that empowers smokers to quit, combining mindfulness practices, psychological therapies, biofeedback and community engagement. 

Wang-tsu Liu, CXO
An enterprise mindfulness VR solution with nature surroundings, therapeutic music and mindfulness meditations that help employees alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety in the workplace. Happinss uses VR and biofeedback combined to create a personalized and immersive experience for the user to visualize and monitor stress levels and track their progress with data on their journey towards a better SELF.  


Oliver Pecha, Comfortzoneless

Collect 360 is the easiest way to edit and share 360 videos from a phone and soon in VR. With Collect, users can easily create awesome movies to upload directly to Facebook or Youtube. We are building the leading user-generated immersive video creation tool for a future where 360 camera-phones are ubiquitous.


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