Visualizing Data: From UIs to Sci-Fi

Tuesday, July 24, 2018 - 18:45
UX + Data
New York

Visualization can be used to build everything from actionable user interfaces to science fiction narratives. Engineering data-driven user interfaces requires identification of data that qualify as vital information followed by transformation of that information into visuals that can be easily understood. On the other side of the spectrum, designing a procedurally generated interface that adapts to interactions such as that of a sci-fi game exposes more opportunities for creative interpretations of data.

Sagar, who currently works at Uplevel Security, will demonstrate how Uplevel focuses on building visualizations that centralize and contextualize cybersecurity data. He will talk about how such an approach can provide the insights required for an efficient, powerful cybersecurity response, as opposed to building more conventional UIs that require users to manually scout for information on the UI.

This talk will also explore how visualization can be employed as an artistic medium to create abstract art and procedurally generated science-fiction games.

This session will feature various hands-on demos including games, apps and art pieces built using computational visualization. Additionally, Sagar will also introduce a beginner- friendly visualization library called p5.js.

Speaker Bio
Sagar Mohite ( is a computer programmer and visual artist based in New York City. He currently works at Uplevel Security, where he focuses on combining principles of design and computation to generate visualizations. Sagar has previously built and developed visualizations for large organizations including Twitter and IBM Research. Sagar also likes to design experimental hard sci-fi games in his free time.

- Pizza and socializing begins @ 6:45
- Talk begins @ 7:00 followed by Q&A
- A little extra socializing after the event


110 5th Avenue, 5th Floor