Vector Graphics with Xamarin

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 - 18:30
NYC Mobile.NET Developers
New York

When writing applications for multiple platforms, one of the tasks is getting the graphic resources for multiple resolutions required for iOS and Android devices. Usually this means having multiple copies of each image, with each copy rendered at a different resolution. There is another way...

We'll be discussing how to use scalable graphic resources in Xamarin applications as a alternative for bitmap images. There are a few tools out there to help and we will be running demos using platform drawing primitives, SVG, SkiaSharp, NGraphics, FontAwesome, and Lottie.

Speaker: Chris Miller
Chris Miller is a Software Architect for Tyler Technologies. At Tyler, Chris works on R&D initiatives in the K-12 transportation market. Chris is an author and a 5 time Microsoft MVP awardee. Living in Albany, Chris also runs the Tech Valley .NET User Group and can be found on the Twitters as @anotherlab (