UnityNYC October 2018 - Drinks 'n Demos @ Betaworks!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018 - 19:00
Unity3d meetup
New York

After Dev Days last month, we're back with a local community event at a brand new venue, which looks amazing! Check it out yourself at https://betaworks-studios.com/the-club. This venue doesn't have the security restriction that we've had in the past, but we'd appreciate a heads-up on RSVPs for proper pizza-estimation all the same.

This month we've lined up *three* excellent presentations, as we've tried to reserve more time than usual for just catching up and networking rather than pack the lineup.

Our lineup this month:

*Andrew Garrahan - Cell to Singularity*
The NYC-local creator of Mama Hawk will be demoing his next project, a just-launched idle game with an awesome pitch: "Building the largest Tech Tree ever. Developing a clicker game about the Evolution of Life on Earth." Go grab it right now (or even play a free WebGL version!) at http://celltosingularity.com.

*Peter Locharernkul - AR Object Tracking & Live Multiplayer Demos*
Peter reached out to us about demoing two AR projects, both of which look pretty sweet, and one of which was a ranked winner at a big funded local hackathon. That one also showcases real-time networking via UNet, and both rely on Wikitude, a relatively unusual but long-standing choice for AR in Unity.

*Sten Ulfsson - Bratwurst 2019*
Sten's project is a remake of a 1996 indie multiplayer deathmatch shoot-em-up on the Amiga (Sam can't help but note that this is a crazy good idea). Sten will talk about the differences in coding games in the 90's vs today, lessons learned, and the joy of rehashing your old game ideas.

As for timing, feel free to show up a little early (we know we tend to waffle between 6:30 and 7:00), but we'll try to start at 7 on the dot to make sure we're done by 9.

As always, you can reach us for questions right here on Meetup, or via our channel (#uug-nyc) on the national usergroups slack at www.unityslackers.com. And if you'd like to present at future events, please let us know!

Thanks, and hope to see you there!


One quick note from the venue:

Betaworks Studios is a new drop-in member space for builders from different backgrounds. Created and curated by Betaworks, it is a space where builders can discover one another, meet, learn and experiment. Located in New York’s Meatpacking District it is the perfect clubhouse for people working in Technology, Media and Culture.

For more info or to apply for membership, visit betaworks.com/studios .


29 Little West 12th Street