UnityNYC July 2018 - Traditional Demo Day!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018 - 19:00
Unity3d meetup
New York

For UnityNYC's July event, let's return to a traditional format and have an informal meeting of Unity demo presentations followed by networking over New York pizza and beer.

Here's this month's lineup:

*Andy Wallace - Async Fight Prototype*
We'll start off with a traditional game prototype. From Andy's description, it's a capture-the-flag style platformer inspired by Frozen Synapse - but turn-based, and played asynchronously. Turns consist of 6 second bursts where each player records their input (without knowing what their opponent will be doing). The turn resolves when both players submit their input and the moves play out on screen. This prototype was rapidly developed using Unity’s Network Management features.

*Loren Abdulezer - Under NYC VR*
Next, we'll switch to a documentary storytelling project, filmed in 180 3D (stereoscopic) video for VR. It incorporates underground scenes and interviews of musicians, artists, homeless, vendors, and a mix of others that make up the subterranean culture in NYC.

*John "Fitz" Fitzpatrick - Wacky Crystal AR Live Tournament*
In order to attract some beta testers for this project, we'll run a quick live tournament featuring this AR game slash experience, with a 3D-printed Wunkey statue as the grand prize. If you're interested in beta testing and/or becoming the champion in a live AR tournament, please ping Fitz at [masked].

*Stanley Goldman - Github for Unity*
Github's in-house-developed, official plugin for Unity recently achieved 1.0 status, and we'll have its lead developer here to present it. Fellow Github fans might be pleased to hear that it supports LFS (especially useful for big files, a common Unity version control problem), and docks right into Unity as an editor window. Will it triumph as the Git client we finally recommend to non-developers? Let's find out!

*Juno Morrow - Conspiracy Theories About Myself*
Next is Conspiracy Theories About Myself, an autobiographical game about social anxiety and self-acceptance developed in Unity for a DBAA custom arcade cabinet. It is a two player cooperative game in which each player controls one eye. Juno will be discussing what inspired the game and the challenges faced during the brief 3.5 week development time.

Again, feel free to bring your own prototypes to share and playtest (even just with a few people), as we'd love to see them. Hope you can make it!

Meetup HQ

632 Broadway