Three talks from the folks at

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - 19:00
New York

Recursion with Types

by Miguel Iglesias

Shapeless is about providing evidence to the compiler. And the way of doing so, is using typeclasses and recursion *at compile time*.In this talk we'll gain some intuition about it, by discussing the implementation of a typeclass that would let us "find" a type in a case class. e.g. Foo(1,"a").find[String] == Some("a")

Blazingly fast, elegant Scala builds with CBT

by Chris Vogt

Writing advanced builds in sbt is like black magic. Very few master it. Most just copy, paste and hope for the best. But it doesn’t have to be that hard. CBT’s simple model scales to things that are between hard and borderline impossible with sbt and makes them super easy. This talk highlights some of CBT’s more advanced features and the CBT’s roadmap for mainstream adoption.

Editing Trees with Zippers

by Ratan Sebastian

When trying to write functional programs we often run into situations where the implementation of the algorithm that uses destructive mutation is much more efficient than the version that uses immutable values. In this talk we’ll look at one specific data structure: a tree, and look at a tool (zippers) that allow you to mutate and grow the tree while avoiding destructive mutation and remaining efficient. We will then talk about how zippers can be generalized to any data structure.


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