Testing and Optimizing REST APIs

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 - 18:30
Web Performance NY
New York

API developers build for functionality: get the right data to the right clients from the right places. This works fine until your API gains wider adoption. Suddenly performance and lack of scalable testing with become a major issue. How can you optimize your API to perform quickly and to scale to a large number of clients? What techniques can we apply from backend and frontend web optimization to make light fast APIs? We'll look at all of this, and more with real world examples that demonstrate the benefits.

Francis Cordon

As Rigor’s Chief Customer Officer, Francis leads the various technical customer-facing teams such as pre-sales engineering, professional services, technical support and ongoing client management focusing on creating a smooth, positive and valuable customer experience. Francis is absolutely passionate about establishing a results-oriented performance practice and creating an industry-recognized performance maturity scale to help organizations evolve and achieve clearly documented increasing levels of ROI by eliminating outages and improving application performance.

In the past Francis held roles both at Performance Management Software vendors helping Fortune 500 organizations achieve their performance goals, as well as running Performance Architecture and the Application Performance Management practice at The Bank Of New York Mellon end-to-end across the application life cycle from development to production.

In his spare time, Francis enjoys traveling with his wife, practicing traditional Martial Arts, and playing the guitar.


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