Take a library, or a piece of it, and make it your own! And more!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019 - 19:00
New York

Hi Nodesters! It has been a while! Happy Holidays and welcome to 2019!

With the new year, we also have a new logo!

Here are our talks for the evening!

**Aori Nevo - Take a library - or a piece of it - and make it your own!**

Sometimes you want to make a small change to a library and otherwise consume it as-is. Other times, you want to consume a pre-release branch. Whatever the reason, there are several ways to do this.

In this talk, we present ways to consume parts of a library without having to install the entire library itself. We also present solutions for making small changes to third-party libraries without a PR.

We will use bootstrap-vue, mdbootstrap, and yargs for our examples.


** Julius Zerwick - Building an open-source, real-time, collaborative REPL **

In this talk, Julius will tell his story about building an open-source, real-time, collaborative REPL using Docker and Node.js that allows users to write and execute code in the browser for Ruby, JavaScript, and Python. Julius also discusses the challenges he faced while building the project, which include:

- creating a front-end REPL experience
- enabling multi-user collaboration on the same REPL
- using Docker to create isolated user sessions
- implementing security measures to handle malicious code
- using reverse proxies to connect users to their sessions


***Note on security***: As always, please ensure that you provide us with your full name when RSVPing with a Yes. Building security will need it to grant you access to the event.

We'll be at Shutterstock this month. Thanks to Shutterstock for hosting! It's going to be a great event!

See you there!


Shutterstock, Empire State Building

350 5th Avenue, 21st Floor