Startup Talk: Smart Contracts On The Blockchain Workshop W/CEO Theta-Chain

Thursday, June 22, 2017 - 18:30
Byte Academy: Python, FinTech, Blockchain,Data Sci, MedTech
New York

Pramod Chandersekhar, Founder at Theta-Chain, will guest lecture for Byte Academy students and select community members (both "techies" and "non-techies" should enjoy the presentation).

In addition to an overview of blockchain and smart contracts, the talk will focus on how we already have the skills to create and use Smart-Contracts on a blockchain. By the end of the evening we will have deployed a simple OTC Smart-Contract and “traded” with others in the meetup over a blockchain. There will be a more technical emphasis the latter part of the event.*

Approximate agenda/discussion topics include:

1) Blockchains are not strange beasts, they are just databases with a few very useful features.

2) Blockchains & SQL - you already have the skills to write Smart Contracts

3) Deploy a Smart-Contract based OTC instrument on a blockchain and “trade” with others in the meetup.

**networking break followed by more technical components**

4) Deep dive into the code.

5) Q&A, open discussion

*Audience - the first part of the training is suitable for people without a technical background. The second part of the training is of a more technical nature where enough source code will be demonstrated to understand the assembly of a small application.

About The Speaker: Pramod Chandersekhar is the Founder of Theta-Chain, a company which aims to make a blockchain look like a database. Before starting Theta-Chain, Pramod spent over 20 years as a very hands-on Consultant/Architect in Finance, Supply-Chain and recently Cryptography. He has spent a long time at large enterprises and understands how they function. His aim is to convert blockchain from looking like a strange beast to looking like a regular database so they can fit into the enterprise eco-system.

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