Smart Contracts Demystified: An Interactive Class

Thursday, April 27, 2017 - 18:30
Lean Startup for Fintech
New York

There’s a lot of discussion around blockchain technology these days. A new term that has emerged is “smart contracts.” Are you still not up-to-speed on the smart contract concept? 

If you answered yes, fear not! In this session Stan Synko, CEO of Ezetech will be speaking to the what, why, and how of smart contract technology in plain English.

By the end of his talk you’ll understand how smart contracts relate to blockchains and why they’re currently getting so much attention from the business and finance these days.

When he’s not spreading the word about smart contracts, Stan serves as CEO at Ezetech, a software consulting firm based in New York City’s Financial District that works with FinTech entrepreneurs seeking to test use cases for and develop solutions using blockchain technology.

Come get an intuitive understanding of smart contracts and how they they apply to your value proposition.

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