Simon Lützelschwab: Decomplecting Google App Engine/Dennis Heihoff: Duct

Wednesday, October 17, 2018 - 18:30
NYC Clojure Users Group
New York

In October, we're excited to feature two great speakers.

We'll kick off with Simon Lützelschwab, sharing his experience with App Engine.
Google's first foray into the Cloud computing space and Platform as a Service (PaaS) market is over a decade old. While it initially launched with a very restrictive sandbox, a more recent release upgraded the runtime to Java8 and reworked their sandbox model allowing the use of most of the Clojure and Java libraries we're used to without modifications.

In this talk, Simon will provide an overview of App Engine's main services, briefly contrast it with other PaaS such as Heroku, AWS Elastic Bean Stalk and Azure's App Service and then conclude with introducing JAQ - a set of open source libraries he's been working on to simplify development and deployment of Web-based systems for App Engine.

Next up, Dennis Heihoff will talk about his new project, Duct!
Duct can be thought of as an IFTTT for developers. It provides in-browser solution to write and wire up Serverless functions with a graph UI that shows, both, the dependencies return values of its functions.

Developers can publish and fork flows or individual functions to a community function library. This allows to build and deploy complex behaviors fast.

Duct is in alpha, used for home automation, price tracking and for smart notifications (e.g. hiking reminders based on weather or location).

After a quick overview of the app, we'll write, deploy and publish a flow using Duct. Dennis will have one prepared but if you've got ideas after checking out Duct, we can implement yours instead.

Workframe HQ

520 Broadway