Partner Event: Microchip Get Launched NYC!

Thursday, September 21, 2017 - 10:30
IoT Central (NYC IoT: Internet of Things Meetup)
New York

Partner Event: Microchip Get Launched NYC!

Register here to get your ticket! General admission is FREE with greatly discounted hands-on workshops (with hardware) at $25 or less. Note that you must RSVP with Microchip to reserve your spot.

Microchip is proud to bring the 'Get Launched' start-up outreach initiative to New York City. Microchip will be offering technical workshops, keynote speaker presentations and partner exhibits enabling faster time-to-market for your design concepts.

Learn more about the 'Get Launched' program from Microchip Technology. For more info click here.

Learn tips and tricks for designing with sensors, IoT application development, and advanced Arduino® design techniques at the Microchip Technology GET LAUNCHED event! All hands-on technical workshops cost $25 or less. Take hardware home at a discount.

Technical Workshop Topics include:
* Advanced Arduino Debugging (ATMega328P-Xplained Mini)
* Designing with PlatformIO (Arduino M0 Pro)
* Prototyping with Sensors (MPLAB® Xpress Board)
* Rapid Prototyping with Breadware (Mega-B Development Kit)

Details and registration at:

Food and refreshments will be provided.

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Note: You must register on Microchip's event page (link) in order to attend this event. (Clicking "Attend" on meetup is not sufficient to attend.) This event is organized by  Microchip Technology Inc. which assumes full responsibility for the event.

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