Open Source Product Management with KEMP Tech's PM

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 - 18:30
Product Management New York
New York

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This talk is geared towards a non-technical audience interested in the magic and wonder of open source. We'll go over what open source is, why it's important, what it means to have an open source product and why it's important to customers.

What you'll learn:
- What it means to have an open source product, what open source actually means and the different types of open source products and business models that exist.

- What it's like to be involved in the open source community from the perspective of a user, a product manager and a developer.

- The challenges and opportunities related to community management and community involvement

- The best practices within open source product management

Meet the Speaker: Danny Rosen

Danny Rosen is a NYC based Product Manager with product experience in marketing, cloud, finance and networking products. Danny started his career as a QA Engineer and taught himself to code by becoming involved in various open source projects. 

During his career he realized he preferred to build products rather than break them and transitioned to a Product Manager. He now works at KEMP Technologies as a PM.

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