New York Data Science presents Intro to Stats

Monday, April 24, 2017 - 18:30
Galvanize NYC
New York

Are you interested in becoming a Data Scientist, but don’t know where to start?

The first two steps are to have a solid understanding of the principles of statistics, and knowledge of a programming language to implement them (often Python).

Galvanize’s Intro to Stats meet-up covers areas of probability and statistics necessary for anyone interested in becoming a Data Scientist. 

Please note that this is a 2-day event that is taking place April 24th - 25th 

Main topics covered:

Day 1: Probability, Probability distributions, Bayesian and frequentist paradigms

Day 2: Random variables, Statistical inference, Regression, Classification, Evaluation metrics

Day one begins with a gentle introduction to probability and the major distributions used in statistics and finishes with a concept-driven explanation of frequentist and Bayesian statistics.

On the second day, we dive further into how to make use of probability distributions for inference and hypothesis testing. We then introduce regression and classification through the use of examples. Finally, we discuss some of the commonly use methods of evaluating model results.

Although Python is used to illustrate concepts, no working knowledge of Python or any other language is required for this meet-up.

What you need for class:

  • BYOL (fully charged) *Ideally bringing a python-equipped laptop is recommended (but not required) because we'll be illustrating many of the concepts in python and attendees are encouraged to follow along

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