Maintaining an Ember App at Scale, with Chris Ng, + ⚡️ talks (Nov/Dec Meetup)

Thursday, December 6, 2018 - 19:00
Ember.js NYC
New York

Chris Ng (@chrisrng) will go through what it takes to keep code consistent and healthy in a large scale Ember application. We will look into how common pitfalls are caught, often earlier in the process, to maintain high quality craftsmanship for the overall codebase.

Chris is a Staff Software Engineer at LinkedIn, based in New York City working on native video. He is an editor and contributor for both The Ember Times and the LinkedIn Engineering Blog.

⚡️Lightning Talks⚡️

- Jordan Bryon (@jordanbyron) on npm/yarn dependency updating

We have room for up to 2 more lightning talks. Please get in touch with luke __at__ lukemelia dot com if you would like to present a 5-10 minute demo, project, or talk!

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