July (NYVR Meetup)

Thursday, July 20, 2017 - 18:00
Virtual Reality NYC
New York

I am pleased to announce the upcoming NYVR Event for July 2017.  We have partnered with New York Artificial Intelligence (NYAI) Meetup to bring together an amazing group of thought leaders focused on incorporating AI into VR and AR Experiences.  Below are the presenters.

Heather Shapiro – Microsoft

Heather Shapiro is a Technical Evangelist in Microsoft's Developer Experience group, where she educates developers on Microsoft's new technologies. In this role, Heather works closely with students and developer communities across the North East to understand the newest technologies and architectures. Prior to becoming a Technical Evangelist, Heather completed her undergraduate degree at Duke University and graduated in the Class of 2015. She received her Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Statistical Science, and completed an Honors Thesis about employing Bayesian Approaches to Understanding Music Popularity. Heather blogs at http://microheather.com and tweets at http://twitter.com/microheather.

In this session Heather will discuss Microsoft’s Commitment to AI and talk about how to easily create your own intelligent bot that can interact naturally with your users by utilizing the Microsoft Bot Framework. Learn how to leverage powerful Connectors that allow you to add a bot to MR devices, as well as connect it to many popular conversation platforms without alteration. 

Frank Carey – Vimeo

Frank is focused on generating realistic human NPCs with AI.

One of the challenges of creating immersive VR experiences is creating and customizing realistic avatars for users to interact with. Frank Carey of Vimeo will talk about how AI is doing just that in speech, 3D-Models, facial expressions, and body movements.

Drew Silverstein – Amper Music

Drew Silverstein is the CEO and a Founder of Amper Music. Drew believes that humans and artificial intelligence are extraordinary collaborators and strives to use this relationship to propel the creative process forward. Previously, Drew was an award-winning composer, producer, and songwriter for film, television, and video games in Los Angeles at Sonic Fuel Studios. Drew graduated from Vanderbilt University's Blair School of Music, where he studied Music Composition and Italian, and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Amper offers a collaborative musical experience in for all forms of creators, from traditional video, VR/AR, and video game creators, who now simplify their workflow and avoid the time, budgetary, and licensing frustrations of stock music, to content creation technologies, who seamlessly integrate with Amper’s A.I. music engine and enable their users to create original soundtracks without leaving their platform.

With Amper, media content creators can now collaborate with A.I. to craft authentic, professional-grade content.

Neil Redding and Kent Rahman - ThoughtWorks 

Neil is Director and Kent is Design Lead of Emerging Technology at Thoughtworks, a leading global technology consultancy. They're currently exploring immediate- and near-term value propositions for VR and AR for enterprise operational use cases, and will be presenting an immersive experience demonstrating the power of these technologies to transform how airplane mechanics learn and perform complex maintenance and repair tasks. 

Additional Announcements:

Upcoming NYVR Events:

I am planning to have the next NYVR meetups focus on Animation (August Event), Education (September Event), Healthcare (October Event).  If you are a developer or involved in either of these topics, please email me at[masked] because I would love to share what people are working on.

Virtual Reality Games and Entertainment Extravaganza

Free Online Event - "Virtual Reality Games & Entertainment Extravaganza" - July 24-27- http://entertainment.vrvoice.co

Virtual Reality and Higher Education Symposium

Boston - August 10th, 2017 - Virtual Reality and Higher Education Symposium

Special NYVR Meetup Discount Code: nyvr (drops price from $595 to $199)



World’s Fair Nano

Calling all virtual reality developers! Do you have cool demos that you want to showcase to 10,000 future lovers? Join us at Worlds Fair Nano, a two-day technology festival open to the general public, this coming September 16th-17th at the Brooklyn Expo Center. For more information please email <a href="mailto:[masked]">[masked].

NYVR Expo – D.J. Smith, Hugh Seaton

The NYVR Meetup and The Glimpse Group have partnered with Emerald Expositions to launch the first large scale VR expo on the east coast called NYVR Expo 2017.  The event will be at the Jacob Javits Center and be co-located with the Photoplus Expo which annually attracts 20,000 attendees.  We will have a professional conference on Oct 26th

Microsoft (Across from Port Authority)

11 Times Square (42nd St. @ 8th Avenue)