July JavaScript Meetup

Thursday, July 27, 2017 - 18:30
New York

Hello world, It's that time again! Our monthly JavaScript Meetup!

Hosted at iHeartRadio Theatre~~

const Kelly_J_Andrews = {

Bio: `Kelly J Andrews, is the Developer Advocate at Codeship. Kelly has been tinkering with computers for over  30 years, using BASIC for the first time at the prime age of 5. It wasn't until building his first webpage in 1997, and trying out JavaScript for the first time that he found a true calling. Kelly now fights for JavaScript, testable code, and fast delivery. In his free time you can find him singing karaoke, performing magic, or cheering for the Fighting Irish.`,  

Talk_Title: `CI/CD for JavaScript Projects`,  

Talk_Description: `Building software these days has changed in dramatic ways, increasing the pressures to deliver software at a fast pace. If you aren’t already using test automation and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) in your workflow, then you may be running less efficiently than you realize. In this talk, we will take an application, Dockerize and run it locally, then test and deploy using Codeship, as well as presenting some best practices around CI/CD. You should walk   away with the information you need to switch to a workflow designed for fast delivery.`,  

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const Dane_Schneider = {

Bio: `Dane is a full stack engineer and designer who’s been working with agencies and startups for the last 8 years. He’s especially interested in ways that technically-informed user experience design can help to smooth over thorny issues in the worlds of devops and security.`, 

Talk_Title: `Shared secrets: securing api keys and config from development to production`, 

Talk_Description: `How secure are your Node app's api keys? Keys for critical services like payments, email, and infrastructure management can quickly turn dangerous if they end up in the wrong hands, yet many teams aren't as disciplined as they should be when it comes to controlling access. I'll cover the issues involved from both a security and developer experience perspective, compare a number of potential approaches, and introduce Envkey, a tool I built that attempts to make all of this a lot easier to deal with.`, 



iHeartRadio Theatre

32 6th Ave, New York, NY 10013