Introduction To Enterprise Blockchains: Choosing The Best For Your Business

Sunday, September 24, 2017 - 11:00
Byte Academy: Python, FinTech, Blockchain,Data Sci, MedTech
New York

If you currently utilize, or are thinking about utilizing blockchain for your business, we’ll help ensure that you make the right choice for optimal results...

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About: This all day* workshop event led by Pramod Chandersekhar, founder of Theta-Chain, will cover enterprise blockchains that are not only those popular in the financial services but also other industries such as supply-chain, healthcare and more. By the end of the workshop you will be able to understand the various types of bloackchains and recommend the right blockchain technology for different use-cases at your organization.

Background: The bulk of businesses utilizing blockchain technology are implementing enterprise blockchains such as Hyperledger Fabric or Corda, which are private. On the other hand, many bitcoin/blockchain enthusiasts believe in the public nature of the technology. Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto-currencies are based on public blockchains.
In addition to an overview, this workshop will focus on analyzing and comparing enterprise blockchains in order to determine which type of technology is suitable (and if it’s suitable) for your organization. There will be heavy emphasis on use cases throughout the session.

Topics we will cover include:
- Overview of public vs private blockchain technology.
Does my business need to decentralize? Will blockchain bring benefits? (or am I thinking about it because it’s a buzzword?).
- Adapting/transforming business and your tech talent needs: do I need (and how do I find) blockchain developers? How do I update and educate my current team? Do they need to learn another coding language (what’s solidity?)?
- ICOs and benefits of public ethereum - why are cryptocurrencies using it? Should I implement it for a potential ICO down the line?

Enterprise blockchains covered include:
- Hyperledger-Fabric
- R3-Corda
-Quorum from JPM

We will compare different aspects of these technologies such as:
-Consensus mechanisms - Proof of work (PoW), Proof of Stake, Byzantine Fault Tolerance
-Data Models
-Data permissions and privacy

Applications and use cases - explore the kinds of business problems best suited to each technology
Example recommendations and walk through with audience

About the Instructor: Pramod Chandersekhar is the Founder and CEO of Theta-Chain, a company which strives to make blockchain look like a database and make the technology more accessible to developers at large companies.

Prior to founding Theta-Chain Pramod worked for over 20 years as an architect designing and implementing systems for Fortune 500 companies in supply-chain and finance. He has developed a variety of large systems ranging from Order Management products to high throughput Financial Reporting systems and high volume online portals. His recent foray into crypto-systems in silicon-manufacturing introduced him to Merkle trees and blockchains. Since then his goal with Theta-Chain has been to make Blockchain technology more accessible to developers in large enterprises.

*attendees may bring or take a quick break for lunch. Other breaks will be provided as necessary.

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