How to Design Complex Stuff You Just Don't Understand

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 - 18:45
UX + Data
New York

Have you ever been asked to design something you can’t even begin to get your head around? Or to design something for experts who speak a language of their own that you just don’t understand? Are the standard-issue tools of UX design, like personas, journey maps and usability testing just not working? Do you find it impossible to explain to your parents and friends what you do?

Many industries — like finance, healthcare, and telecommunications — operate on complex and idiosyncratic systems. And the people who use those systems are often highly specialized experts. As demand for better design spreads throughout these industries, designers are more and more likely to work on complex systems used by specialized experts.

If you face these challenges, take heart! You are not alone. Come commiserate, and learn some useful, practical coping strategies that can help you fake it till you make it.

About the speaker:

Rick Winslow, Head of Digital Innovation, Capital One Commercial Banking

Rick Winslow leads the Digital Innovation team for Capital One’s Commercial Banking business in NYC. He has spent most of his career designing weird, obscure and complex software. Specializing in B2B financial services and analytical applications, Rick has spent 20 years developing new platforms and products for both start-ups and large enterprises. He is a vocal proponent for agile software development, human centered design and data science in the enterprise software world. He holds a BA from Columbia University and an MBA from Rutgers Business School. He also teaches in the Columbia University Applied Analytics program.


- Pizza and socializing begins @ 6:45

- Talk begins @ 7:00

- Q&A starts around 8:00

- A little extra socializing after the event