GraphQL Extravaganza!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 - 18:30
NYC Clojure Users Group
New York

In April we will focus on GraphQL, Facebook's emerging standard for rich, client-driven APIs which is gaining traction in many Clojure/script applications. We have a packed schedule with 4 short talks and plenty of time for discussion and socializing.

Dom Kiva-Meyer on GraphQL: Making JavaScript Simpler Than ClojureScript

Dom will reprise his excellent ClojureD talk on GraphQL!
We’ll explore GraphQL, including its quirks and imperfections, and learn how, despite its copious flaws, it makes building user interfaces far simpler than REST (even with re-frame). GraphQL puts data, and operations on that data, first and foremost, and, like React, is a perfect fit for ClojureScript. If you’re building user interfaces with ClojureScript and React but not GraphQL, you’re doing it the hard way.

Nikolas Moya on Umlaut

Nikolas is a driving force behind the Umlaut library and will give a quick overview of this powerful utility for building, managing and extending GraphQL schema.

And we will feature two brand new open-source GraphQL projects from the Workrame team.

Jorge Colindres on Artemis

Unveiling Artemis, the flexible, smart Clojurescript client library for GraphQL.

Tim Gilbert on Catchpocket

Introducing Catchpocket and Stillsuit, automated creation of GraphQL API's from your Datomic database.

Workframe HQ

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