Galvanize New York presents Intro to Python for Data Science

Monday, June 19, 2017 - 18:00
Galvanize NYC
New York
Intro to Python for Data Science

*Note: Capacity is limited to the first 75 attendees. First come, first serve.

*Note: Intro to Python for Data Science is free!


Data scientists need to know how to code, and Python is the most useful and versatile programming language for doing data science.

In this practical data science workshop, you will learn foundational skills for adding Python to your data science and analytics toolbox. A professional instructor from GalvanizeU will guide you through analyzing data in Python by writing scripts and taking advantage of handy libraries, such as Numpy and Pandas. You’ll leave this session equipped to write your own Python scripts to analyze data and instructor recommendations about next steps to take on your pathway to data science.


This Meetup is for beginners and does not require prior programming experience. Participants who are familiar with concepts of data analysis and statistics will be better equipped to apply their skills after the conclusion of this workshop.

What You'll Learn:

• How to view and analyze data sets with Python 
• How to write and run Python scripts
• Which libraries and packages are most useful for analyzing data in Python 
• Why Python is a flexible, versatile language for doing data science
• Which resources you should next utilize to develop your skills


6:00 pm - Networking & Announcements 
6:30 pm - Why Use Python for Data Science? 
6:50 pm - Working with Python’s NumPy, SciPy 
7:50 pm - Working with Pandas (DataFrames) 
8:30 pm - Statistical Analysis in Python 
9.00 pm - Wrap-Up and Additional Resources

Meet Your Instructor:

Nir Kaldero is the Director of Data Science and head of the GalvanizeU Master’s of Science in Data Science program, a partnership between Galvanize and the University of New Haven. Kaldero also serves as a faculty member in the MSDS program. A tireless advocate for transforming education and reshaping the field of data science, Kaldero’s vision and mission is to make an impact on a wide variety of communities through science and technology.

Among Kaldero’s many achievements, he has been the chief developer of the Data Science for Executive Training program. The program was designed to train senior executives to be more familiar with data science and the potential impact it could have on their organization. Kaldero has been named an IBM Analytics Champion 2017, a prestigious honor given to leaders in the field of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Kaldero is frequently featured as a speaker at IBM conferences and other data science related industry events across the country.

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