Crostini: Running Linux applications on Chrome OS

Wednesday, July 18, 2018 - 19:00
NYLUG - New York Linux Users Group
New York

David Reveman and Zach Reizner


Running Linux applications on Chrome OS

Note: WE ARE MEETING AT TWO SIGMA!! We'll need names, and you will need IDs. RSVP will open Wednesday July 4th, 2018, 4:30pm.

Crouton has long been an option for running Linux applications on Chromebooks. However, it lacked UX integration and required the device to be in “dev”-mode, which meant that many of the security benefits of Chrome OS were lost.

Crostini brings Linux applications to Chrome OS with proper UX integration and all security benefits intact.

This presentation will provide an overview of Crostini, and a detailed description of the Chrome OS graphics stack in order to explain how the Crostini UX integration has been accomplished. It will also provide useful tips for how to help make applications work better on Chrome OS, and how to make the most of a Chromebook as a Linux development device.


Join us afterwards at the Cupping Room Cafe where we'll continue the discussion over drinks and/or food. The Cupping Room Cafe is located at 359 W Broadway, two blocks from the venue.

Speaker Bio:

David Reveman worked on bringing compositing to the Linux desktop 10 years ago when employed by Novell. In the last 7 years, David has worked at Google, building the Chrome compositor, bringing Android apps to Chrome OS with native graphics performance, and most recently, bringing Linux applications to Chromebooks.

Zach Reizner has been working on Chrome OS platforms for 4 years, with a focus on graphics. Recently, Zach has been working on crosvm, the new virtual machine monitor powering crostini, and virtio-wayland, the transport protocol underlying the windowing integration. Currently, Zach is working on bringing GPU acceleration to applications running under Crostini, and advancing Rust usage throughout Chrome OS.

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