CI/CD with Containers

Thursday, September 14, 2017 - 18:30
New York

Hello NYC Sharks!

We have some exciting talks planned for September. 

Jari Kolehmainen, CTO at Kontena, will be here to discuss (and demo) the solutions and benefits of a deeply-integrated deployment pipeline for using technologies such as container management platforms, Docker containers, and CI/CD. By the end of his talk, you will have learned how to deploy a containerized application at DigitalOcean with a CD pipeline.  


6:30–7:00pm: Food + Drinks will be served 
7:00–7:45: Jari Kolehmainen, Kontena
7:50-8:00:  Paul Ort, Def Method (Lightning Talk)
8:00–8:30: Social / Wrap-up

Speaker Bios

Jari Kolehmainen (@Kolehja) is the founder and CTO of Kontena, Inc.(@KontenaInc), the provider of the developer friendly open source container and microservices platform. Having architected and brought to production many cloud services and PaaS solutions over the years, Jari co-founded the Kontena project at the end of 2014 and has since led its direction to enable the world to reap the full benefits of running containers and microservices.

Paul Ort (@PaulStefanOrt) is an engineer at Def Method (, a software consultancy in NYC, where he leads development of Dependable ( to provide automated insights into dependency updates. He is learning to appreciate the complexities of legacy software and the power of containers. When he is not making software, he can be found reading old books or practicing classical music.


101 Avenue of the Americas, 2nd Floor