Building Offline First Apps in Swift & Making a Diverse and Inclusive Dev Team

Thursday, April 19, 2018 - 19:00
Brooklyn Swift Developers
New York

This month's meet-up will be hosted by JOOR. As a first time host, we're very excited to be welcoming them into our community. Huge thanks goes out to them for opening their offices and putting together some amazing talks!

#1 - Building Offline First Apps in Swift

Isaac Casanova, iOS Engineer
Dan Katz, iOS Manager

This talk will discuss patterns to store, access, sync and recover data when a network connection isn't reliable or available.

Isaac Casanova is an iOS Engineer at JOOR, originally from Bridgeport, Connecticut. He previously worked at Research Now SSI, leading the efforts in launching a suite of mobile applications that collected passive data about survey respondents. He also skateboards, loves talking basketball, and strives to serve as an example for underrepresented groups in tech.

Dan Katz is an iOS engineering manager at JOOR. He has been building iOS apps since 2012 in the NY area, and has contributed to apps for Nike, Amazon and several local startups. Dan is passionate about building beautiful, usable and accessible software products regardless of platform or industry. At JOOR, he is leading the effort to modernize their 2 iOS apps and innovate in the wholesale fashion industry.

#2 How to Make a Diverse and Inclusive Dev Team a Reality

Derek Parham, CTO

This talk will discuss actionable tactics that can be
used by everyone to build development teams that embrace diversity and inclusiveness, and thrive as a result.

Derek Parham is the CTO at JOOR and has over 13 years of experience as an entrepreneur and technical lead. He was the founding engineer for Google's G-Suite product and served as its technical lead for six years growing the team from one to over 100 engineers and the product
to 40 million customers. The project utilized and developed some of the world's largest scalable systems, along with shaping what is now referred to as "the cloud".

Most recently Derek was the Deputy CTO on the Hillary campaign responsible for the data infrastructure, engagement, mobile, security, and operations teams. He also serves as a technical advisor to multiple startups in New York City and San Francisco. In his current role at
JOOR, he is helping build a diverse and inclusive team that is bringing technology solutions to a fashion/retail industry that badly needs it. He is driving the development, architecture and operations parts of the company utilizing best practices from Google, startups and presidential campaigns.

About JOOR
JOOR is the world’s largest digital wholesale marketplace, connecting the best brands and top retailers for faster, easier, and smarter wholesale business. Our mission is to be the de facto, mobile-first global wholesale platform, setting the industry data standard for all wholesale business.


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