Blockchain brunchwork w/ ConsenSys and MadHive

Sunday, December 10, 2017 - 11:30
New York

You're invited to an unforgettable brunch with MadHive Co-Founder/CEO Adam Helfgott and ConsenSys Chief Marketing Officer Amanda Gutterman. Enjoy an intimate blockchain conversation with Adam & Amanda, curated connections, a business challenge and pitch off...over a seasonal meal.


Amanda Gutterman is Chief Marketing Officer at ConsenSys, the largest and fastest growing blockchain company focused on building the Ethereum ecosystem. Amanda is also a creator of Ethereal, a technology event series including a Summit that has been dubbed the "SXSW of blockchain."


Adam Helfgott is the Co-Founder and CEO of MadHive, a programmatic video advertising suite. MadHive’s back-end product uses blockchain technology to safely allow brands and publishers to work together in new ways by leveraging the inherent trust and verifiability of a blockchain network.

Adam is also an active participant in the bitcoin and blockchain community. He built his own trading algorithm on the bitcoin platform and has been an active miner of bitcoins since its inception. Adam has worked directly on multiple blockchain projects and has held strategic advisory positions within several leading blockchain companies in the space including Gem Healthcare. Adam previously built and sold it to Trunk Archive at a 20x exit. He also previously built and sold


Galvanize is an education company that blends the lines between learning and working. They believe in creating easy access for anyone who has the drive and determination to jump into the tech world, especially in entrepreneurship, engineering, and data science. Their campuses are home to students, startups, investors, mentors, and other people who are engaged and excited to level up their skills.

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